Latin Gin is famous for its beautiful aromas. Latin Gin’s fine botanical collection is curated from Latin European and Latin American countries. Tradition, love of the land, care for the environment, and respect for an age-old way of life are the values that underpin the gathering of Latin Gin botanicals.

Propriety Distillate

In addition to the featured botanicals above the finest mixologist palates may pick up notes of the Angelica Root, Coriander, Orris Root, Vanilla and Raspberry in selected expression of Latin Gin. Latin Gin is produced using vacuum distillation also known as cold distillation, this distillation technique significantly reduces the boiling point. Without extreme heat, the flavors from the botanicals remain intact.

Mixology Update

Today’s cocktail enthusiast is looking for a new experience. The cocktail scene in Spain has led the way in reconfiguring the gin business. The four expressions of Latin Gin create more excitement, growth and experiences for the premium cocktail drinker. This genre-shifting influence of new gins is updating the way younger mixologists have sought to balance innovation and tradition.

Modern mixologists have become muti-talented artists. Their canvas is the cocktail. As both visual and performing artists they create a three dimensional experience delighting the people who consume their beautiful cocktails creating a good mood as they entertain and connect with all five senses of their audience.

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