Latin Gin

Best Gin For Cocktails

Latin Gin Expressions

Four original and unique flavors that take you on a beautiful journey to the Latin way of life. Latin Gin is produced at the foothills of the Italian Alps by distillers with centuries of tradition and craftsmanship.

Latin Spice

Passion Captures the passion and intensity of a new love affair.Intrigue, intensity, and desire give flavor to life. A fearless symphony of notes tells the story of a passionate connection between two souls. Embracing fearless exploration that creates lasting moments and memories.

Latin Beach

Pleasure Expresses the joy, happiness and fun times of life well lived. Dreaming of paradise. A picture-perfect summer day. Feel the warm sun, soft sand and calming water. Unwind, breathe deeply and enjoy a refreshing kiss of citrus. A time to share drinks on the beach, a time to laugh, play and celebrate. Latin Beach Gin is inspired by the magnificent beaches of the Latin world.

Latin Lover

Distilled in Italy. Latin Lover Premium Gin is infused with strawberries and roses. A soft, romantic pink gin.

Latin Lover embodies its name with a sweeter, softer taste and aroma. On the nose, expect notes of rose and red berries. This expression offers an equilibrium between aroma and flavor, with a delicate finish. Latin Lover has a taste profile of strawberries, and Roses, with a sensation of lower alcohol content. This spirit is designed with fruit-forward cocktails in mind, and mixes well in recipes like a French Martini, Clover Club, or Cosmopolitan

Latin Secco

Distilled in Italy. Latin Secco Premium Gin is a classic dry gin with a unique Latin touch. Infused with authentic Italian juniper and blended with water of Mont Blanc.

Latin Secco is a fresh interpretation of the classic gin. The first taste is dry, with flavors of juniper, coriander, lemon peel, and orange peel. The profile is balanced and smooth, allowing for a variety of options for blending in cocktails.

Distillation Process


Latin Gin is crafted in Italy, where the origins of gin can be traced back to twelfth century monks of Salerno. During this formative period for Western culture, Italian monks added juniper to produce their distillation of ‘aqua vita’ or ‘water of life’. Gin was born.


Today, Latin Gin is a work of modern craftsmanship produced in the foothills of the Italian Alps. Distilled by a century-old family business that has perfected the art of spirits production using vacuum distillation, also called cold distillation. This method uses a lower temperature avoiding heat related degradation of the product for better flavor retention.


Latin Gin is created with uncompromising attention to every detail. Botanicals, tropical fruits, and citrus handpicked at the peak of freshness are processed over several days of continuous extraction to preserve the fresh aromatic profile of each ingredient. Expertise and time are fundamental to perfecting the process of layering the various botanicals into each distillate.


The organoleptic result of this process is excellence in aromas,
roundness and cleanliness. It exalts the other characteristics of the
product with the featured botanicals the protagonist in each expression of Latin Gin. The master distiller’s heritage of art, culture, and
design, imbue the final spirit with sophistication and each bottle a
masterpiece of tradition.


A great gin is a work of art, and the object that contains it must reflect the beauty of the inside. The iconic Latin Gin bottle is an artistic sculpture, designed with unparalleled precision by a renowned digital sculptor and bottled in France using the finest flint glass. Drawing inspiration from Latin Art Nouveau and Latin Art Deco, the bottle invokes a time of ultimate creativity and opulence.